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Investments and Savings

Most people, when discussing investment planning want their capital to be safe or guaranteed but also to receive a return in excess of inflation. This is not easily done. You may have to accept some level of risk, in order to increase the return.


Some form of income protection insurance is the foundation of a sound financial plan because whilst you are trying to create wealth and security for your family, the impact of a personal tragedy can very quickly become a financial disaster.

Financial Planning

Financial planning with an impartial advisor is a life planning service taking a holistic view of your life and not just your finances.

Retirement Planning

Hopefully, you will reach a point in your life when you no longer work for a living. Many of the expenses you face today will have reduced; hopefully your mortgage will be no more; children will probably have “left the nest”.

Code of Ethics

Our aim, at Viewmount Financial Planning Ltd, as a Financial Broker, is to promote the highest standards of practice in all of our dealings with customers, Product Providers, work colleagues and the general public. We seek to deal in a professional manner with integrity and the utmost good faith. Our advice to customers should embrace not only the letter of the law and in particular the Consumer Protection Code but also the spirit of the law. This advice should be based on, having first got to know our customer, researching the market to find the most appropriate solution for that customer based on their own individual circumstances.
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"A goal without a plan is just a wish!" Antoine de Saint-Exupery